Clearwater Capital Partners is proud to announce that Austin Baron has advanced into the financial planning phase of the Associate Advisor Residency Program. Over the last 12 months, Austin has worked on the Portfolio Management team as an Analyst and Portfolio Manager. Prior to the Portfolio Management portion of the residency program Austin completed the Operations Specialist rotation of his program.

“The Clearwater Capital Associate Advisor Residency program is our comprehensive training regimen built to equip new grads with the skills they need to become a client facing wealth advisor. The program takes place over 4-5 years and puts the resident in each area of the business. They spend time on the Operations, Portfolio Management, Financial Planning, Qualified Plan, Risk Management, and Advisory teams throughout their residency. As they rotate through each team they must master the skills and processes associated with each functional area before advancing into their next rotation” said James Chapman, Wealth Advisor and previous graduate of the CCP Associate Advisor Residency Program.

During Austin’s time on the Portfolio Management team he worked hands on to maintain comprehensive and meticulously monitored investment strategies. Analysts are involved with due diligence, portfolio optimization and risk supervision. During this rotation, candidates gain hands-on experience with strategy implementation and portfolio rebalancing activities.

“We couldn’t be happier about Austin’s progression throughout the residency program. Austin’s completion of the Portfolio Management phase is a huge feat and is a testament to how data driven his mind is. I really enjoyed mentoring him during his rotation and look forward to his continued progress throughout the Financial Planning

About the Associate Advisor Residency Program

The Associate Advisor Residency Program develops wealth advisor candidates over the course of a multi year program. The program consists of six functional rotations that provides candidates with a diverse and in-depth understanding of the Clearwater Capital Partners C3 Process and the wealth management industry.

About Clearwater Capital Partners

Clearwater Capital Partners is an independent Registered Investment Advisor registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The firm was founded in 2006, by John Chapman, as a locally owned, privately held independent advisor. The firm provides comprehensive wealth management services to successful individuals and families through its Private Client Practice. The firm’s Institutional Advisory Group offers a suite of professional services to businesses, non-profit organizations, foundations, and ERISA governed retirement plans.