Our Duty


Effective relationships between clients and advisors are built on trust.  This trust is grounded in a commitment by the advisor to act solely in the client’s best interests.  The highest standard of care relative to this commitment is known as the fiduciary standard.

A fiduciary is an investment professional who is required by law to act solely in the interests of, and with undivided loyalty to, their clients.  When managing assets, a fiduciary’s advice must align with the client’s specific objectives, timeframe, and risk tolerance.  Furthermore, the fiduciary must always operate in utmost good faith, exercise diligence, act prudently, avoid conflicts of interest, disclose all material facts, and control investment expenses.

While the financial services industry has largely resisted the responsibilities that are dictated by a fiduciary standard, this standard epitomizes the values and perspectives of Clearwater Capital Partners.  Accordingly, we embrace this highest standard of care.

Unlike brokers and securities sales people, we offer no proprietary products.

Accredited Investment Fiduciary® Downloadable PDF