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It all started when...

Clearwater Capital Partners, formerly known as BSC PWM, was founded by John Chapman in 2006 following an extensive career on Wall Street.  John’s nearly 30 years of experience allowed him to recognize that many financial service firms were falling well short of serving their clients prudently.  Conflicts of interests, failure to disclose material facts, and broken promises were all too common.  The need for real advice, for real issues, had never been greater.

Thus, John set forth with the deeply held belief that investors deserve much more than a disjointed sales pitch coming from Wall Street.  The delivery of honest and competent advice became the mission; this vision has guided his every step along the way.  The insights and values that inspired our business model from the very beginning remain at the heart of our firm today.

Over the years this unwavering commitment to our clients has resonated throughout the community.  Our growth has come almost exclusively through word-of-mouth and referrals.  While profoundly humbling, our progress and client loyalty has allowed us to make significant investments in our personnel and in our professional capabilities.

Today we are an established and thriving wealth management firm.