We believe that the firm’s only allegiance is to our client.

We do not represent the interests of any financial institution, brokerage firm or portfolio manager. We believe that the only valid wealth management strategy is one that accurately and objectively reflects the needs, preferences, and goals of the individual client.

Our Mission

We believe that building and maintaining our clients’ trust represents our greatest responsibility. Our clients must have confidence in our ability to fulfill an important role in their lives, and to do so with the strictest discretion and confidentiality.

Our Clients must always have complete confidence in our competencies, our character, and our commitment to helping them achieve their objectives
— John Chapman, CEO

Our Approach

Wealth management is a process; one that takes place over long spans of time and one that is best served through dedicated expertise, meticulous evaluations, and disciplined judgment.  Our process adheres to these precepts and seeks to create an intelligent framework for consistent and rational decision making.

We define a course of deliberate action that reflects our client’s most critical objectives and anticipates changing circumstances.  Our methods are designed to prioritize vital objectives and to achieve congruity between action and values.

By applying time-tested disciplines, we strive for sustainable and repeatable outcomes.  To this end, we:

  • Gather a great deal of qualitative and quantitative information for each client case.

  • Thoroughly challenge all assumptions and rigorously explore viable scenarios.

  • Develop comprehensive advice that is highly tailored to individual conditions.

  • Deliver strategies that are designed for fee and tax efficiencies.

  • Protect our client’s connection with their long-term objectives.

  • Monitor all elements of the wealth plan on a continuous basis, consistent with Fiduciary standards.

Strategies and portfolios are updated and re-balanced as deemed appropriate.  Detailed written reports for all assets under our management are created at predetermined intervals and regular communication with all clients is a priority.

We are focused on the quality of our client’s lives and our advice is centered on a deep understanding of the people we serve.  We listen carefully, help articulate goals, and identify potential threats.  Not surprisingly, we enjoy client bonds that are deeply personal and long lasting.

Our Solutions

Clearwater Capital advises on the following areas:


  • Comprehensive Wealth Management

  • Intergenerational Wealth Transfer

  • Retirement Income (Cash Flow) Forecasting & Simulation

  • Institutional Advisory Services (foundations, endowments, etc)

  • Qualified Plans (401k, 403b, Cash Balance, etc)

  • Access to 3rd Party Corporate Trustee services through Private Trust Company

  • Advanced Estate Planning Strategy Review and Modeling using Alternative Trust(s) and Business Structures

  • Charitable Giving (Private Foundations, Donor Advised Funds, CRT, CLT etc.)

  • Insurance – Life / Long Term Care considerations

  • Access to Secured Lending Platform lines (of $1+ Million) through Tri State Capital

Disclosure: Clearwater Capital Partners does not offer legal or tax advice.